Latest in Beauty Technology

Every person is born with ten readymade tools for beauty care – the fingers. From time immemorial your fingers have maximised application of makeup and foundation and all other beauty care processes. However, all that has changed to a certain degree and is set to change further with every passing day. The advent of high performing and technologically advanced equipment has radically defined the changing beauty scenario making even intricate and complex treatments of yesteryears a quick and easy affair now.

What then are some of the latest innovations in beauty care and treatments that have taken the world by storm?

  • Beauty apps – The world today is run from smart phones and apps and hence can the beauty sector be far behind? There are a number of apps that at first seems amazing and unbelievable but yet is very much available for download. Take Skin Better, an app developed by scientists, beauticians, dermatologists and app developers. It provides a report of your skin that identifies dark areas, spots and wrinkles and other blemishes. Once your skin is analysed it will show up a list of skin care products that dermatologists would recommend. Or take the iDrated app. It is proved that drinking plenty of water is one of the secrets to a glowing skin. iDrated is a hydration monitor that quantifies how much water you should be drinking based on your age and weight. It has drink alarms and reminders to ensure that you never forget to top up.
  • Hair removal and skin rejuvenation – Remember those days when you had to wax or tweeze hair out periodically. Apart from being a painful process, you had to go through it every time you had to wear a short dress to a party. Now IPL machines for hair removal make sure that hair is permanently removed within 3 to 4 sessions and recurring treatments are not required. Laser operated equipment such as microdermabrasion machines remove dead cells of skin making way for a fresh and glowing look. One of the leaders in beauty care and treatments in Australia is AAD. The company imports and distributes state of the art laser and IPL machines sourced from top manufacturers from around the world.
  • Movos Wireless Styler – An advantage of using technologically advanced equipment is that it brings convenience to your fingertips. A fine example of this is the Movos wireless hair styler that does away with electric cords and yet has all the features of a conventional one. The flat iron can touch 400 degrees F and can function effortlessly for about 15 to 30 minutes. The charging dock stows the iron vertically and hence saves on storage space.
  • Eye wrinkle correcting laser – This is a FDA approved fractional skin laser and Tria Beauty has recently come out with a pocket sized version. The device is especially designed to take care of fine lines and crow’s feet under the eyes. It sends targeted beams of light at the area under treatment and this triggers production of collagen and elastin, both crucial components for a smooth and firmly textured skin. More than 85% of people surveyed who use this equipment saw a significant reduction in fine lines when used for barely two minutes a day for eight weeks.

These are just a minuscule list of the latest improvements in beauty technology. Today, new innovations are being introduced in the market almost every day.

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