Delicious Food Is One of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Delicious Food

Food has many aspects to it – fulfilling hunger pangs, opening the floodgates to old memories or simply bringing people together. It can be complicated and a chef’s exclusive creation or home cooked food that people often die for. Whatever it may be, there can be no doubt that food is not merely a tool for sustenance, it is also one of life’s simple and primary pleasures.

Let us see how food invades every aspect of our being and how it affects our daily lives while meaning different things to different people.

  • Food is a great bonding force – Food is a glue that holds families and people together. Sitting down to dinner with family is a sure way to wash away the tiredness of the day and feel rejuvenated. It is also a great way to share experiences and events and plan together for a glorious next day. All this is possible when people get together with a purpose, to live life king-size with plates heaped with delicious food.

This angle where food should be taken at leisure and every morsel enjoyed to the full is not among friends and family only. In the past soldiers stopped fighting and put down their weapons and called a truce at night to cook food and have a hearty meal before resuming again the next morn. Even in the middle of a battle, food was enjoyed to the hilt.

  • Food is linked to memories – The earliest memories of childhood for most people are intricately linked to food, of the aroma of food wafting from the kitchen and filling the house. This stays with us long after we have grown old and withered. Additionally, food also brings back memories of events and celebrations. Remember the Christmas parties when the turkey was roasted at home and cakes in Hawthorn or wherever you were brought up were ordered from the bakery down the street? These thoughts of fun and laughter are always closely woven with the memories of the food you had.
  • Food is a comforting factor – Food peps us up when we are down. Most of us can show instances when food has managed to lift sagging spirit and mood and has helped to bring a smile back on our faces when the chips have been down. There are certain foods that release “happy” and “feel good” chemicals in the brain the most common being chocolate which contain phenyl ethylamine. This chemical helps to lift moods and is also released when people fall in love and are happy about it.

Food per se might not be ruling the world but when it comes to enjoying life’s simple pleasures there is no equal to it.

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