Those who have not visited a food cafe are indeed a rare breed. Food cafes are much more than food; it is a place to sit around spending quality time with friends, family and loved ones. In fact, in many countries around the world, food cafe is a culture by itself with awnings extending on to pavements where people can simply laze around with hot buns and croissants. Given these variables, we at blog site are committed to bringing to our readers news, information and even trivia from the world of food cafes.

It is not an easy subject for writers to start off as there are so many variables to be considered. This is one reason why we give the following suggestions for first time bloggers to our site, noting to remind them that the ultimate decision on what to write about depends solely on them.

For a start, writers can tell our readers on the more famous cafe in their regions or localities or countries and factors that have gone into making them so well known. It can be the quality of food and wine, the high level of customer service or a nugget from the history of the cafe. You can be sure that after your post reaches a wide audience through our site, there will be tourists flocking to sample the fare.

This and many more can be the topic of your choice. What we need are posts that can arouse interest in the general visitor to our site. Food cafes hold a special place in people’s hearts for various reasons and it is our endeavour to highlight them through our blog site