Katalina’s, a tasty twist on convention…

It’s not only the food. It’s the mix, the match, the mood. Savory sounds and flavors, a groovy-as-all-get-out gathering of neighbors…

Come along for the ride and feel it from the inside (your tummy, that is).

Katalina’s shakes things up with crazy combinations, like sweet and spicy bacon(s). Or Mexican French Toast? A double dose of cultures? That’s what we like the most.

How ’bout a taste of green eggs and ham? With homemade pesto, it’s best eaten al fresco (our patio’s the besto).

And don’t forget our pancake balls, our most famous twist of all. Why make the definitive flat food round? Because when it comes to convention, we do play around.

Katalina’s. The little café with lots of loco goodness?